HR Consulting

Let us build your tribe

Why should the big companies get all the best talent and ideas about People Strategy?

With over 18 years in the HR game, we’ve seen what works and doesn’t – even for the big guys. Let us help you regain focus, attract and retain the best people and grow your enterprise with our proven 4-step Human Resource strategy to get your house in order.


1 / HR hygiene audit

That full-scope HR Hygiene Audit that you have been meaning to do is not just good housekeeping, it’s imperative to ensure that you are compliant with your legal obligations. It gives you clarity as to where the holes are, how to fill them, and what to do so they don’t occur in the future. Let us help protect your business.

2 / Recruitment + talent aquisition

When you’re vying for talent, the city can be a hard place to be. Most businesses are so busy trying to keep their heads above water that they hope for the best or pass the torch to a recruiter. Your people are both your biggest asset and your biggest liability. We’ll help manage the ebb and flow as we build your brand.

3 / Performance management

Once you have those amazing new starters on your turf, it’s not enough to think that money will be the only thing to keep them there. Your people need to feel appreciated, motivated, challenged and rewarded for their efforts. We can customise a plan to grow your people power.

4 / HR bundles + packages

From the Complete HR hygiene and compliance package and HR documents starter package to our  Small Business HR team package, HR Manager in your pocket and HR pick’n’mix (who doesn’t love a buffet?). Contact us to find the package that’s right for your business needs.

Get your house in order

Need a people plan to take your business to the next level? Whatever your business model, we’re equipped to service you with candid, practical HR resources and shared services to launch you into the next stage. You don’t have to go it alone.