Let our vibe attract your tribe

Shared and Halved are a committed team of professionals with over 50 years’ combined experience in the people and performance sectors across a wide variety of industry leaders. That means we’ve seen and done it all (well, most of it) and we know what works and what doesn’t – even for the big guys.

We love to shake things up. And we’re not afraid to ask that question that might flip the game –

"What if you did it THIS way, instead?"

What brings us together is what also sets us apart: the burning desire to see the ordinary made extraordinary. And not by any mean feat – just a little original thinking.

Meet our rock stars


Nathalie Lynton | Director + Founder

With over 18 years working in Recruitment and Human Resources, Nathalie sure has some stories to tell! Always a disrupter spirit, the underdog, the upstart and the one-to-watch, Nat spied small businesses in pain, struggling to manage their HR and administrative functions. All they needed was some support to alleviate the operational drag. So she gathered her know-how and network of seasoned professionals and Shared and Halved was born. 


Will Marshall | Director

With over 14 years in Professional Services, Will has an uncanny knack for helping people reform their operations and support their businesses with his well-cultivated guidance and remarkable problem-solving skills. We trust him to provide those all-important “ah hah” moments with his strategic recommendations that will increase your profitability, efficiency and set you up for lasting success.


Fiona Greenup | Accounting

Fiona is our pocket-rocket Chartered Accountant with 16 years’ experience advising in restructuring and insolvency. Fiona has all kinds of war stories from her years helping small, medium and large sized businesses thrive. Learning how you can amplify your success? Well, we think that’s very appealing and Fiona’s got the goods.


Aaron Spencer | IT Support

If there were things as a Technology Whisperer then Aaron is it. Or maybe he’s just part cyborg? Young enough to know all ‘the stuff’, old enough to be responsible and understanding if you don’t speak ‘geek’; Aaron can help you navigate, develop, use and integrate IT systems. Let him take the hassle out of resolving technical problems and help you maximise your tech investments.


Dan Vo | Admin + Marketing Support

When it comes to having a right—hand to take care of all those back-end tasks, Dan’s the man. Cool as a cucumber, he’ll handle your office admin with ease. Having worked for one of the largest promotional marketing companies in Australia, Dan’s a master of formats. His design training gives him the magic touch to stylize your brand collateral with such flair and creativity, you’ll never see a boring document again.

Are you our missing piece of the pie?

Who do we employ?

The ones with a different take on the usual process, who go against the “status quo”. The ones who (ahem) ‘get off’ on shaking things up. The ones aren’t afraid to ask that question that might flip the game – “what if you did it this way instead….?”

You won’t just see the opportunity for change in Australia’s workplaces, you’ll be a part achieving it, business by business. Synergize, simplify and service businesses to help them shake off the shackles and launch into the beyond.  Solve the problems, find a way, build relationships –But first, coffee…